We are a network of Christians exploring issues at the interface of science and faith. We draw on Wesleyan tradition to equip persons for the practices of faith, mission, and ministry in a culture shaped by science. All are welcomed to this community of dialogue. We invite you to enter the nexus and learn more…

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In this issue:

  • Evolution Weekend in Maryland – (Video now available on Youtube here)
  • Bioengineering, Gene Editing and the Human Future
  • What Science Can Learn From Religion by David DeStano with reply by Steven Pinker
  • And More!

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February 2019 Newsletter

Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:  Human Origins “If a scientific civilization is to be a good civilization, it is necessary that increase in knowledge should be accompanied by increase in wisdom. I mean by wisdom... READ MORE

6th Annual Evolution Week-end in Maryland

Watch On-Line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfPv_1Zjfxw&t=1437s Gathering around 3:00 with live program begins at 3:30. February 10th – 6th Annual Evolution Week-end in Maryland – 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Baltimore-Washington Mission Center, 11711 E. Market Place,... READ MORE

January 2019 Newsletter

  Dear WesleyNexus Colleague: January 6, 2019 begins the season of Epiphany which is celebrated by Christians across the world, including churches within the Wesleyan tradition. Epiphany comes from the Greek term epiphainein... READ MORE

December 2018 Newsletter

Dear WesleyNexus Colleague: Christians around the world are celebrating the season of Advent during this month. The first season in the Christian church year, it is a time when we look forward to... READ MORE