We seek to equip pastors, lay people, churches, bishops, and other church leaders within the Wesleyan tradition for ministry in a world that is increasingly shaped by science. We focus on enabling and furthering open, informed dialogue, especially at the local level, and to do so in a manner consistent with Wesleyan tradition. We do not promote governmental legislation, align with political parties or purposes, or lobby for religious intervention into the affairs of government.

Our online community is a mechanism through which we can meet, get to know one another, share ideas, engage in conversation, pursue reconciliation, and receive mutual support, so that clergy and laypersons within the Wesleyan tradition will have access to contemporary and relevant resources which will support science-and-religion discussions within local faith communities.

We provide educational resource materials and occasional gatherings that promote critical thinking in the broad fields of science and religion. Specifically, we:

  • Host an annual program, coinciding with Evolution Weekend, that is geographically located within the Baltimore-Washington conference of the United Methodist Church and live-streamed worldwide.
  • Partner with local congregations to host guest speakers and programs that invite the community for conversation
  • Publish a monthly e- newsletter highlighting the most recent developments at the interface of science and Christianity