We are a network of Christians exploring issues at the interface of science and faith. We draw on Wesleyan tradition to equip persons for the practices of faith, mission, and ministry in a culture shaped by science. All are welcomed to this community of dialogue. We invite you to enter the nexus and learn more…

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In this issue:

  • Dr. Haught speaks at Potomac UMC on September 22nd
  • The New Cosmic Story | Robert Wright & John Haught [The Wright Show]
  • ASTROTHEOLOGY: Science and Theology Meet Extraterrestrial Life by Ted Peters

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Upcoming Events

ASA National Capital Section quarterly meeting September 14

Dr. John Haught speaks at Potomac United Methodist Church, September 22nd

The Inside Story: Consciousness, Nature, Transcendence



August 2018 Newsletter

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June/July 2018 Newsletter

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May 2018 Newsletter

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April 2018 Newsletter

Dear WesleyNexus Colleague: On April 14, 2018, Casey Church gave a talk to a group of suburban United Methodists at Covenant United Methodist Church.  Covenant is a moderate sized congregation centered in Gaithersburg,... READ MORE